Caribbean Blue Quilt

I called this quilt Caribbean Blue after the 1991 song by Celtic singer Enya. One of the song’s writers, Roma Ryan, said this song “is to encourage the listener to believe in him or herself,” and it is a “metaphor for positive thinking.” I hope the baby that gets this is warmed and even motivated by the colors and patterns.

I love the intricacy of the patterns in this quilt. Focusing on the yellow, blue, or white areas will give you different perspectives. Caribbean Blue is compared to a waltz by several music critics, and I think that fits this quilt. The patterns here circle and dance in a repetitive celebration.

For those who grew up cherishing The Lion King, having Simba in this quilt is a warm embrace of nostalgia. Simba’s story in “The Lion King” has resonated with audiences of all ages and has become a timeless tale of self-discovery, redemption, and the enduring bond between a father and a son. The character of Simba embodies the journey from a young, carefree cub to a wise and responsible leader, inspiring viewers with his bravery and determination to right past wrongs. Simba’s character has also appeared in various sequels, spin-offs, and adaptations, further cementing his status as one of Disney’s most beloved and enduring characters.

Nala and Simba share a special bond from their early days as cubs in the Pride Lands. They are best friends and companions, often getting into mischief and playful adventures together under the watchful eye of Simba’s father, King Mufasa. As cubs, they are carefree and curious, exploring the wonders of the Pride Lands and the Circle of Life.

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