Get Your Quilt Finished with My Custom Longarm Services

Completing your quilt requires a lot of manual labor. You need to baste your top, batting, and backing, and you need to quilt the “sandwich” together without any of the pieces shifting. If you have a sewing machine capable of free-motion sewing and if you know how to maintain proper stitch length to create intricate designs, you will still need to wrestle with a heavy quilt to finish it.

My custom longarm service frees you from the stress of the quilting process and allows you to focus on the beauty of your quilt top. Getting your quilt longarmed is easy. Leave your quilt top with me, and I will handle the heavy lifting. You can decide on thread color and patterns for your quilting, or you can leave the design process to me, and I will choose the setup that matches your quilt perfectly.

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